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KARRINYUP SHOPPING CENTRE (AMP CAPITAL): Brand Relaunch campaign 'wa on stage'


When Karrinyup Shopping Centre opened in 1973, it was the largest mall in the Perth Metropolitan Area. Following its $800 million redevelopment, Karrinyup was set to reclaim that title as it doubled in size to become a true contemporary urban village. It was destined to become the best fashion, food, and entertainment destination in the state with over 290 outlets including the two- storey Loop featuring the largest and broadest offering of fashion the state will have ever seen. All of this to be housed in beautifully designed interior and exterior spaces that would redefine the very notion of a ‘mall’.


As Karrinyup would become the new backyard for locals – and those who wish they were – we were challenged to re-energise a local audience who were weary after years of constant building, while attracting new visitors from a wider geographic area than any retail offering in Perth ever had.


A development on this scale is a game changer. Not only does it make a significant impact commercially but it also has a profound effect on Western Australia’s urban and cultural fabric. Karrinyup had to become a destination brand, a lifestyle brand, a brand reflective of the unique place Karrinyup would inevitably hold in state. We recognised that Karrinyup would be a stage for the best in WA and, so too, must its launch campaign. So was born: 'WA on Stage'.


The campaign brings to life Karrinyup’s ‘WA on Stage’ platform. The all-Western-Australian-based and/or-bred effort showcases a large spectrum of creative talent.


  • Karrinyup is now the #1 most highly recommended retail destination in WA.

  • Over 6 million completed video views online.

  • Ad recall 50% higher than the Asia Pacific benchmark.

  • Over $1million AUD directly injected into WA's cultural sector when it was needed most.


Following the development of Block’s ‘WA on Stage’ brand platform for Karrinyup Shopping Centre, a large-scale campaign was needed to show the diversity of the brand’s offering and position it top- of-mind for a broader range of people, regardless of the reasons they may have for visiting.

A Karrinyup local herself, I led the implementation of the integrated campaign across numerous channels that sought to engage a wider metropolitan audience over a lengthy launch that included three staged openings spread over

three months.

Becoming one of the biggest campaigns to come out of WA in 2021, my passion for the brand created by Block became crucial in ensuring every element of the campaign stayed true to the original creative vision, resulting in a body of work that the whole team could be proud of.

*Case study and all creative written/created by Block Branding. Permission has been provided for its inclusion in this case. Full credit list can be viewed here.

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Copyright Block Branding 2021. Please note that I do not claim ownership of the material which belongs to the individual client, nor do I claim any credit to the creative idea. The inclusion of these case studies are merely to show my capabilities as an Advertising/Campaign Director and Marketing Manager in my ability to facilitate effective marketing platforms.

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