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The WA Museum Boola Bardip were to host a world-first exhibition, Dinosaurs of Patagonia, which would bring together full-scale casts of ancient Titanosaurs for the first time ever. It was a big deal made even bigger by the star of the show: Patagotitan, the largest terrestrial animal of all time. It was mind-blowing to see in person – reason enough to visit – and we knew that if the public were able to grasp just how huge this giant was, they’d know they needed to visit.


The campaign brings the size of the exhibition to life. Literally. For the TVC, we illustrated the size of the Patagotitan by comparing it with another famously big entity: former NBA basketball star, Luc Longley. Unfortunately, at just 7’2”, he wasn’t going to cut it, so we roped in his brothers as well. The approach of demonstrating the unbelievable size of Patagotitan was extended through every media execution.


Being one of the first large-scale integrated campaigns commissioned by the WA Museum, I played a crucial role in helping to guide my clients through the process of campaign development, generating a level of trust that proved vital in selling a creative territory that was wholly dissimilar to their previous initiatives. I helped my team and clients work together to produce a fun and relatable campaign that had a proven impact upon the exhibition’s visitation.

*Case study and all creative written/created by Block Branding. Permission has been provided for its inclusion in this case. Full credit list can be viewed here.

WA Museum: DOP 30s Radio "Bigger"

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